Wedding bouquets

Table decoration

Outdoor ceremony decoration


Wedding cake


Wedding in vintage style

Vintage style weddings are one of the fastest growing types of rustic weddings and not surprisingly since they offer couples a the flexibility to weave in a touch of vintage charm with modern day elegance.


Hairstyle with flowers

There’s something so romantic about a bride with flowers in her hair don’t you think? There is a floral accessory and hairstyle combo to suit all kinds of brides and wedding styles. From rustic to glam, vintage to modern and everything in between.Prepare to be inspired lovely ones…your dream wedding hair could be just a scroll away!


Wedding announcements sites

Wedding websites are a growing trend among modern brides. It’s a way to not only spread news about your wedding, but about your undying love for your significant other

What to wear for a family photo shoot?

* be cohesive yet creative and don't be afraid of bold colors

* white is great, but mostly for the beach photos

* jeans work with any outfit

* patterns are welcome as long as not mixed or overwhelming. 

* graphic T's are a big NO

* it is best for all to wear two main colors (do not be afraid to mix shades), but a touch of a third contrasting color can work really well and add a spark

* some color matching ideas for you to check out:


Purple wedding theme



Decorative cupcakes — from the simple to the spectacular — are not just for kids. Check out our sweet themes for every party! 


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